Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 23: Bathroom Tile

I marked quadrants for tiling the bathroom, then put up/down drywall mesh tape on the drywall and tileboard. I mixed a little mortar and put it over the floor tape. I put green painters tape on the quadrant lines and cleaned the floor really well - I even brought over the vacuum. Mixed mortar with latex additive and stripped tags off the backs of the tiles while I waited for it to cure. Put mortar down Tuesday through Friday, with a huge "too-dry-mortar" disaster that ended in throwing away over a gallon of mortar on Wednesday. But that wasn't the end of it. When I grouted half of the floor on Saturday, I had to stop because most of the few tiles I put down on "too-dry mortar" day started popping off of the mortar. Had to scrape up the dry mortar on about five square feet of the floor on Sunday.

I also filled screw holes in the drywall, sorted/cleaned a bit upstairs, and filled, sanded and primed the wainscot boards over the course of this week and weekend.

Stephen brought in the trencher and dug two trenches, and put the well-to-house 3/4" pex pipe in one trench and the well power supply in other. The trenches are about 18 inches deep. I even tried running the trencher for a few minutes.

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