Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 22: Bathroom

Monday and Tuesday: This week, my parents were in town, and they helped me get tileboard in the bathroom. Stephen told us we didn't have to drill pilot holes, but my Dad and I both broke a screw tip each and decided to go ahead and drill pilots first.

Friday: I worked on removing paint and some of the glazing from the enormous window.

Saturday: I put down the tiles for a dry fit and marked some of the rows so I could draw lines to mark the quadrants later. I want to work in quadrants so I can't ever get too far off in my work. I measured where tiles would need to be cut, and cut them with a grinder. I only pre-cut half of them in case my measurements prove to be wrong.

On Sunday, Stephen spent most of the day taking apart the electrical cable in the ground because one of the splices broke. He got stressed about lost time. He also cut plumbing holes in the bathroom so I can tile, and hooked up a temporary light in the bathroom with our fully functional bathroom electrical outlet/switch. I can't tell you how awesome it feels to have a bit of functional electric - the generator scares the poop out of me (also a cracker welder.) I painted some of the wainscot and helped with the electrical. We cleaned up a bit downstairs because it had gotten pretty hard to move around.

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