Monday, July 15, 2013

Time Out: Kitchen Remodel

We've been taking the year off to do a remodel, and here are some pictures of the kitchen, which we just finished. It isn't officially part of the Owner Built project, but at least it shows what we've done with our time. Stephen moved a door frame and I assembled the cabinets before we started the remodel, which started with a complete tear-out of the existing kitchen on a Saturday, and the work was done the next Saturday, except the floor, which I did during the next week while the owners were at work during the day. Stephen took a week off from work to do the project.

Above is a picture of the pantry and refrigerator. Stephen had moved the doorway in the left of the picture over about a foot to the left to allow the pantry to be built. He also added the recessed light over the doorway.
The standard cabinetry begins to the right of the refrigerator, as shown above. There is a space in the cabinetry to put the new stove, and we put in a copper backsplash and new stand-alone stainless steel hood. Stephen also added hard-wired undercabinet lighting. Here is a close-up of the hood and backsplash:
Below is the cabinetry as it rounds the corner past the stove.
Then, the cabinetry on the back wall with the sink and window-
You can also see the floor in the above picture. This floor was under the vinyl floor that we removed, I just hand-sanded and polyurethaned it. The light fixtures were also replaced. The sink and faucet are new, as are the rails around the room.
This wall of wainscoting was made with copper sheets and pine trims. The trims were purchased precut, while the rest of the trims in the room were custom cut by Stephen. I put a patina on the copper sheets here. We assume the heat and moisture from the stove will cause a patina to form pretty quickly on the stove backsplash. The pass-through in the left of the picture was retrimmed and the butcher block counter added. Stephen also retrimmed the window and doorways. He custom made this copper and pine television cabinet.
This cabinetry was installed to make a little station for the microwave and other small appliances. In this picture, you can also see a tiny bit of the remodel we did in the back hallway (on the right.) In the hallway, we textured/painted the walls and ceilings, and put in a birch and pine wainscot.

The countertops are birch IKEA countertops. The cabinets are IKEA Adel beech. All of the trims are natural stained pine, these include the top trims, undercabinet light rails, floor/door/chair rail trims, as well as pine trims at the kick plate under the cabinets. I stripped off the old wallpaper and paint from the walls and ceilings, textured them with a light plaster texture, and then painted them. Stephen custom cut some wide floor transitions to cover the parts of the floor that had never been finished originally.

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