Monday, July 15, 2013

Time Out: Bathroom Remodel

We started this year doing a complete remodel of a bathroom at Stephen's uncle's house. And I mean COMPLETE. Not only were the walls taken back to the studs, but damage to the floors required that Stephen replace part of the subfloor, and discoveries about the old plumbing required him to replace all of the existing plumbing in the room. He also had to make some changes to the electrical. However, all of the fixtures went into roughly the same places they came out of. The toilet was the only part of the original room that was saved.

This picture shows the new wall and ceiling finish, the new light fixture, the window and the tile work.

The next picture shows the bottom of the above picture, with the toilet, the front of the sink, and the hex tile floor. Oh, the toilet roll holder and the soap holder in the tub were also salvaged from the original bathroom.
I did the floor all by myself!
We put a brick layers pattern in the wall tile.
Bathtub faucet and pull bars.

Back of bathtub walls and soap dish.
The new sink and medicine cabinet.
The bathroom suite came from The Home Decorators Collection. The rest of the pictures I took were too blurry to post, but Stephen also built in shelves between the tub and the door, and we put a single run of black roundover trim tiles at the bottom of the apron of the tub to make up for the floor not being perfectly level (this house was owner built in the '60's.) The room is also very small, and not much of the room can be captured at once.

I'm officially pretty good at tile now.

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