Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Awesome Tools for the Ladies

I do not have a long history with tools, and largely find power tools to be a little frightening after some experience with table saw kickbacks and arc welding fiascos. That being said, I have a number of tools that I find particularly easy to use, and not at all frightening. They are:

  • Drill - Drills are crazy easy to use. Be sure to invest in a quality drill and an extra battery if you have any interest in doing much construction work around the home.
  • Miter Saw - A miter saw is a stationary saw that can make straight and angled cut on long boards like 2X4's. I have grown so comfortable with the miter saw that I am now thinking about getting a combination miter/radial arm saw.
  • Router - a router can make profiled edges on wood, and are available in inexpensive mini-handheld forms for small work. Until you get to the point where you need a router table, they are very easy to use, and don't require a great deal of set-up.
  • Trim Saw - A trim saw is an amazing piece of machinery for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with a table saw or a circular saw. Circular saws can be heavy and hard to maneuver for people who aren't very strong. Most of the trim saws currently sold look and act like miniature circular saws. Look around, instead, for a trim saw that has a longer handle - they have excellent maneuverability, and keep your fingers further from the blade. You'll probably have to buy one used or refurbished.
  • Multi-tool - I got a multi-tool pretty recently, and it is awesome. It can make small, precise cuts in drywall to put in electrical boxes and similar jobs that typically require a clumsy reciprocating saw. It can scrape mortar and adhesives off of walls, make oddly shaped trim cuts, sand in inconvenient areas. Multi-tools are good at numerous small jobs, and are extremely easy to work with.
  • Dremel tool - I'm not sure what you can do with one - I've only used one to make woodcuts. But it's crazy easy to use.
If you have a wife or girlfriend that would like to participate more in home renovation projects, buy her these tools and show her how to use them, or if you're a woman who finds power tools scary, give these a try.

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