Thursday, September 26, 2013

House Interior, Fall 2013

We have not been working on the house, and will not get back to it until early next year, but these pictures of what the house currently looks like.

Below, a picture of the stairs from the front door. There isn't much of an entry - it's almost immediately stairs. There is no railing, and the walls have not yet been trimmed out. The stairs are just the plywood base, no treads and risers yet. The windows and doors are not trimmed out yet, either.
Stair entry. The kitchen is at the top of the stairs.

This next picture is the top of the stairs, looking into the galley kitchen. The kitchen is the most complete part of the house.
Top of stairs, facing the stove.
The sink wall of the galley kitchen. On the right is the newel post at the top of the stairs.
Galley kitchen, sink wall, from the point of view of the Great Room.

Kitchen stove wall taken from the Great Room.
These pictures show the Great Room:
The west wall of the Great Room will eventually be all cabinets.
The north wall in the Great Room, which has four windows.
Sofa, chair, temporary storage.
The east wall, which will eventually be cabinets, and the wood stove to the right.
The wood stove, with loft above, and the bathroom through the primed but unpainted door.
This is the loft:
The loft from below.
Sleeping loft. The basket that has our fire escape kit is on the right.
And finally, the bathroom. The walls and floor are done, but the area between the ceiling joists needs to be trimmed out. Also, the salvaged church window isn't in the wall yet. This is the only room with a modern light switch.
View from door, to left. Towel rack and clawfoot tub.
Tub and toilet, panning right.
Top of toilet and sink.

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