Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20th, 2012

Stephen got in the stove on Thursday. One of the ovens needs a screw to shut all of the way, but otherwise, it's awesome. Everything works. Notice in the photo that I put the microwave under the washtub - I've had enough microwave for a long, long time.

I painted some stuff outside today. I spackled and primed the garage hoods and the exterior front entry a few weeks ago, so it needed to be finished. In fact, since I spackled and primed, some screws had popped their spackle from a bit of rain we had and I had to redo.

Over the weekend and Monday morning, I washed and detailed the inside and outside of my car to prepare for my aesthetic restoration.

We put most of the rest of the ceiling insulation in the garage a few weeks ago, so Stephen put in the last bit of insulation to be done under the stairwell on Saturday and then did a major cleaning job in the garage so I can park in it. The rest of this week will pretty much just be me restoring my car, then I will spend the rest of this year just doing little jobs that need to be done. Like - the windows on the south side of the house upstairs are already starting to lose some paint, so I have to fix. Also, we will be cutting down dead trees and invasive cedars from the property. Stephen will be putting in the rest of the drive up to the house, not this weekend, but next weekend. I'll take pictures of that. Also, we got our awesome light fixture from Rejuvenation yesterday, so we hope to get it in this weekend. Otherwise, we are done with blog updates for 2012.

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