Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 25: Vacation!

Stephen got his vacation this week! We put in the last piece of drywall on the bathroom wall, built the stairs, finished the siding and exterior trim with a boom lift, and put in the well. We also built little concrete slabs for the well and the front door. Stephen put in a front door, as well. It is a nine-light all wood door, with some old, real wrought iron Arts and Crafts Colonial Revival hardware, with the help of his stepdad. At the same time, Stephen's mom and I did a layer of mud on the drywall tape and screws.

The stairs are just a plywood base, and we will add the nicer wood on top of it later. According to Stephen's stepdad Mike, it's nice to attach to a plywood base, because building the stairs with the final wood makes it more likely to squeak - I think that's what he said.
Uncle Bob loaned us his little concrete mixer on wheels - it's this old thing from Montgomery Wards. I don't even think Montgomery Wards is a thing anymore. The concrete mixer is SO AWESOME. I doubt they are made as well anymore.

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