Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 20: Bathroom

This is a picture of the Great Room taken from the future kitchen.

We have decided to buy a vintage "canned ham" travel trailer and gut it to make a sleeper/lounge. This will allow us to partially move out of our house (or, more accurately, "the house we live in now") to be closer to the work. It will also stop us from freaking out if the house we live in now should sell before we are done with the shop apartment (which is likely.) With this goal in mind, we have shifted gears to finishing the bathroom first, as the travel trailer will have neither bathroom nor kitchen.

So, this weekend, Stephen framed an interior window on the south side of the bathroom that will admit light from the bank of windows over the stairwell, and finished installing the bathroom electrical boxes. Meanwhile, I put up the insulation on the east walls of the house.

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