Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week Eleven: House Wrap

This week, we put house wrap over the sheathing. Stephen took off Monday so we'd have some extra time.

First, we cut out the holes for the windows and doors in the sheathing. Then, I held the nine-foot tall roll upright while Stephen stapled it in behind me. He got up to the very top gable ends by putting two stacks of scaffolding up on top of our 16-foot trailer and securing himself to the house with his tree climbing harness.


He put up the top gable sheathing and the house wrap at the same time. We also had time to get in most of the windows and doors. We took turns holding the windows in while the other would level, caulk, shim or nail.

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  1. Yes...very scary!

    It is so exciting to see the progress on your house. Thanks for sharing.