Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week Seven: Roof Sheathing

Oh, what a nightmare!

The roof sheathing is heavy and cumbersome. I shoved roof sheathing sheets up to Stephen, and he had to pull them up onto the top of the rafters, flip them into place, and nail them down. Our roof is 7 1/2' high to a 20' total span, so you can imagine, it's pretty steep. The sides of the roof are 15' off the ground, and the peak is almost 23' off the ground! He put down all the lowest sheets on one side of the roof and moved up. I cut the pieces at the ends and top, and cut lengths of tar paper a few feet longer than the total length of the roof. He put up the paper, adding long cleat boards for footholds as he went, and then repeated the whole process on the back side.

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