Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week Four: Sidewalls

The fourth week, we put up the little six-foot sidewalls for the second story. They were very easy to frame because the sidewalls have no windows or doors. We also rigged up this crazy ridge board deal for the roof by attaching a long board to the outside of the first floor and running it all the way to the top of the roof (14 feet about the second story floor sheathing.) The long board had a little crook on the side to accept the ridge board, so the long board was set just to the side of where the ridge board would need to be, so the ridge board would be dead center. We secured another board with a crook in the middle of the floor and then put the ridge pole up through one crook, then Stephen had to climb a long ladder to put the other end in the middle floor crook. Then we put up scaffolding.

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