Monday, October 15, 2012

2nd Week of October, 2012

Fence on right and left

As the fence did not get finished either over the vacation or the weekend after, I stretched the last 1/3 of the welded wire myself. Used some straps and a come-along. Why is it that all outside tools are made for strong people with calloused hands? Then this weekend I made a picket gate and hung it all by myself. Amazing.

Stephen worked on finishing up the electrical this weekend. The lights look awesome. Having light in the kitchen area is such a help. We put in a temporary utility light over the door in the stair because the light we ordered from Rejuvenation lighting STILL hasn't come in. I ordered something like 30 items from a number of other online stores at the same time and everything else has long since come in.

Except the Igloo. Now, I don't normally buy anything from Walmart if I can help it, but I read that Igloo makes a bunch of mini-fridges in the U.S., so I ordered on from Walmart (the only place around here that carries them.) It was a "site-to-store" item, which I thought would be easier than having it delivered here because most packages are dumped up at the front of our road (our road is intentionally scary looking and a quarter of a mile long.) And we've had several boxes that were opened before I got them - I don't know if the packaging is just bad or if someone is opening our packages to see if we get anything good before I manage to get up there. Anyway, it's been almost a month now, and Wal-mart periodically writes or calls to say our order has been delayed. The lady who calls us says this sort of thing happens all the time and is urging us to cancel our order and place it again.

In theory, I'm glad that Walmart is making an attempt to stock American made goods, but I don't see the point of offering it if you can't get it to the customer. Boo.

UPDATE: The lighting from Rejuvenation hadn't come because they hadn't built it yet. I didn't realize the stuff in the catalog wasn't available stock. It's on it's way! Also, we cancelled the fridge and bought one off the shelf from the big box store.

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