Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 20: Bathroom

This is a picture of the Great Room taken from the future kitchen.

We have decided to buy a vintage "canned ham" travel trailer and gut it to make a sleeper/lounge. This will allow us to partially move out of our house (or, more accurately, "the house we live in now") to be closer to the work. It will also stop us from freaking out if the house we live in now should sell before we are done with the shop apartment (which is likely.) With this goal in mind, we have shifted gears to finishing the bathroom first, as the travel trailer will have neither bathroom nor kitchen.

Week 19: Electrical

Stephen dug a trench with a "trencher" (practical if uninspired name.) It's like an enormous chainsaw. Then we put thick electrical cable in PVC pipe, fastened the sections of pipe together, and dropped it in the trench. Stephen attached an electrical box at the pole, and another in the shop, and attached the cable to it at both ends - we will have buried lines. Then we started putting in outlet boxes upstairs. We have not gotten them all in, but we got most of them. They don't have any actual outlets, switches or lights in them - they are being put in primarily to allow the installation of the insulation. The insulation covers up the wiring, so the electrical has to be done first.