Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week 15: Thanksgiving

For the four day weekend, we had planned to get a boom lift to get into the gables to put up trim, but they didn't have any available. Instead, we put up the eyebrows, primed and tar-papered them, and Stephen trimmed out the cornices and soffits on the non-gabled sides of the house. The soffits are a foot deep, and the trim extends a foot below the soffit. The trim detail (dentil blocks, etc) will be added later. Stephen also added a pediment hood over the apartment door entrance.

We got the door hardware for the apartment entry from Ebay this week, some cool old handmade wrought iron stuff.

The trim has taken much longer than expected, and it's getting cold here. It looks like we'll be finishing the exterior about four weeks behind schedule.

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