Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week 27: Vacation II

Stephen took another week of vacation, borrowing a Bobcat for the first weekend. The photo from week 25 is actually from this week, and shows some of the dirt he moved away from the front of the carriage house. He moved it to the front left of the carriage house, creating the pad for our house. From various areas around the house, he moved dirt that was leftover from the construction of the carriage house pad, and made a pile of topsoil well south of the carriage house for use in garden construction. We moved a HUGE pile of rocks from the house we currently live in - it took seven or so trips on a 16' trailer with the 3/4 ton pickup. He also used the Bobcat to smooth out parts of our drive, and used an auger bit on it to drill pier footings for our carport/well house. The carport side of the structure will hold the travel trailer.